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Around Roseberry Topping
A circular walk of around 5.5 miles around Roseberry Topping - avoiding the most popular routes! The woods at the start of the walk have a spectacular carpet of bluebells and wild garlic in spring, and glorious colour in autumn. They are criss-crossed by paths giving you plenty of opportunities to explore. After a short section on roads the route climbs onto the moors for a stretch, with fine open views, before dropping back down with a beautiful view of the back of Roseberry Topping – which is particular photogenic during autumn & winter sunsets. There are some medium climbs along the route.

Route map for Roseberry Topping
Approach & parking: Start the walk from the Pay & Display car park at Newton under Roseberry. There are Public Toilets here.

1.    At the top of the lane pass through the gate into the woods and take the path to the right.
2.    At the first clearing take the path leaving the left hand side (signposted "Bridleway") up the hill.
3.    At the top of the (steepish!) climb you reach a kissing gate. Detour through this up the hill to explore the hunting lodge 'folly' and views of the peak of Roseberry Topping. The route continues following the path to the right inside the woods. The path drops down briefly to cross a gully then continues. In spring this area is a carpet of bluebells.

The open areas along the path are bathed in bluebells in spring, giving the perfect foreground for views out to Roseberry Topping.

4.    As the fence to the left approaches a corner take the (smaller) path forking left, which then follows the fence line up the hill, across a small ditch. Pass the kissing gate on the left and the path follows the fence-line up the hill through the larches.

Viewpoint: The larches as you climb the hill form another picturesque frame for the vista across to Roseberry Topping.

5.    At the top of the hill you emerge with views onto the quarry and beyond, over the village of Great Ayton to the Cleveland Hills. The gorse here makes a colourful foregound in spring. Open views can be had by detouring to the right, but the walk continues to the left, where the path passes through a small gate to follow the lip of the quarry between to fences.
6.    As you leave the double fence through another gate follow the path ahead, then downhill, veering left until you reach a stile. Cross this, following the fence for a short distance to a kissing gate on the right.

Viewpoint: From the gate the path goes downhill through the woods. This is another stretch carpeted in bluebells in spring, and with ample opportunities for colourful foliage compositions in autumn.

7.    At the bottom of the descent take the path to the left, inside the edge of the woods. Leave the woods through a kissing gate, then immediately through the field gate on the right before following the path along the left side of the field (i.e. the same direction as the path through the woods).
8.    At the end of the field cross the stile and descend to the road. Turn right and follow the road down to the bottom then back uphill to  thejunction with Dykes Lane
9.    At the junction turn left and follow the road gently uphill. Watch out for traffic along this stretch.
10.    As the road bends sharp left at the start of the row of cottages (Gribdale Terrace) keep straight on along the track in front of the cottages. At the end of the row take the stile on the right and continue uphill on the path. This stretch can be quite muddy in winter.
11.    The path emerges back onto the road at the carpark/picnic area of Gribdale Gate. From here take the signposted path straight up the hill on the left (not the gentler path!). The path up the hillside is paved here. Once at the top the path follows the wall-line back towards Roseberry Topping.

Viewpoints: Gaps in the wall and trees along this stretch afford good views out towards Roseberry Topping and over the fields below.
12.    Eventually you reach tthe Cleveland Way at a signposted junction in the path, with a further path leading to the right along the wall-line. Take the left hand branch of the Cleveland Way, ahead through the wall-gate and drop down fairly steeply.

Viewpoint: The path down the hill gives a 'classic' view of Roseberry Topping, with the wall on the left giving a nice lead-in line. This is a particularly good viewpoint late in the day, with the sun setting beyond the hill.

13.    At the bottom of the hill a wider track crosses, from a gate on the left. Turn right along this track, then curve left, starting to descend.
14.    Look out for a stone on the left and small waymark on the right. Turn left here (following the green arrow). Descend the hill, keeping straight on at the next waymark (blue arrow).
15.    At the bottom of the hill the path forks. Either way works from here! The right hand fork dips into a gully that can be muddy in wet weather. The left hand fork runs higher before dropping down to meet the other path. Both then lead you through a gate and along a track back to the main track to the right, leading down and back to the car park.

Refreshments: The King's Head Inn at Newton under Roseberry is close to the car park at the start/finish of the walk, and there are multiple cafes (and Suggitt's Ice Creams!) in nearby Great Ayton.
Roseberry walk route description
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Roseberry Topping Walk route file
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Roseberry walk pictures
Photographs taken on this walk
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