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We visited Cuba in February 2016. It is a fascinating country, full of good photographic opportunities encompassing landscape, architectures, people and, of course, cars! We toured the western half of the island, travelling from Havana to the beautiful countryside around Vinales, then back to Cienfuegos and the buzzing town of Trinidad before heading to the northern coast via Santa Clara. Travelling through the countryside felt as though we had been through a time-warp, with the road traffic being dominated by horse, carts and bicycles!  
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Crumbling Havana
Trinidad sunset
Prado architecture, Havana
Havana waterfront
Trinidad evening light
Vinales valley
Cienfuegos Chevvy
Engine closeup Havana derelict car
Green woodpecker
Cuban Trogon
Old lady watching
Domino match
Vinales transport
Taxi, Santa Clara
Taxi driver