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Yorkshire Waterfalls
The county of North Yorkshire is blessed with a host of beautiful waterfalls - in areas as diverse as the coastal edge of the North Yorkshire Moors and the depth of the Dales. Most of these can be reached by relatively short walks - in many cases several can be visited together. Photographing these falls is one of my favourite forms landscape work - particularly in autumn when the surrounding woodland shows its spectacular colours. My preference in photographic moving water is to use a moderately slow shutter speed - typically around 4 secs - to give a sense of motion; I know this isn't everyone's preference though!

Click the thumbnails below to see a larger image - along with details on how to reach the falls.

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West Burton Falls
Scalebar Force
Water Arc Foss
Falling Foss
Whitfield Gill Force
Lower Whitfield Gill Force
Nelly Ayre Foss
Mill Gill Force Scalebar Force details
Upper Thomason Foss Hardraw Force Mallyan Spout
Thomason Foss Mill Gill Force Cauldren Falls, West Burton
Lower Whitfield Gill Force May Beck Scalebar Force
Bowlees falls
Blow Gill
Bowlees Falls